• The next stage of the spread of the infection is associated with its entry into the bloodstream, which contributes to further progress throughout the body.

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    There are practically no organs and systems where brucella would not visit. Symptoms of brucellosis in humans. When the first signs of brucellosis appear in a person depends on the amount of clarinex that has got inside. In rare cases, the infection does not pass further defense systems and remains in the lymph nodes for a long time.

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  • If a person’s immunity is not weakened, bacteria in his body remain for a long time, even if in an inactive state. The incubation period of the disease is 7 to 30 days.

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    How does brucellosis manifest in humans? Acute and subacute forms of brucellosis begin with a short prodromal period of 3–5 days. At this time, a person is worried about weakness, malaise, fatigue, decreased performance, depressed mood, often a complete lack of appetite and a slight headache. The end of Clarinex period is accompanied by a sharp increase in symptoms. Is there a fever with brucellosis? - yes, after the prodromal period, it rises and more often becomes a remitting type, that is, it rises either in the afternoon or in the late afternoon. In special cases, it lasts throughout the day and does not exceed 37.5 ° C. The temperature does not prevent a person from feeling good, while many patients are sociable and even talkative.

  • During the examination of a person, an increase in the tonsils, spleen, redness of the throat is noticeable, a heart murmur is heard.

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    During the development of Desloratadine pill brucellosis, some patients experience tremendous chills when the body temperature immediately drops.tsya, and then rises sharply to high numbers with heat and severe sweating.

  • These are the so-called early signs of an infectious disease.

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    In later periods, brucellosis manifests itself differently and affects more and more organs. Symptoms of chronic brucellosis. This disease may have a long course, in which the causative agent of brucellosis is in the human body, and manifests itself at the time of a sharp weakening of the immune system. Relapse often occurs 1–2 months after the first signs of the disease have subsided.

  • An exacerbation of a chronic infection is slightly different from an acute one

    How does the infection worsen and what organs are most often affected? Inflammation of the joints comes first - this is a lesion of any department from the ligaments to the bones, severe soreness and swelling of this zone. Brucella spondylitis develops. This is a disease of the spine, in which deformation of the vertebrae is observed, areas of purulent inflammation of the tissues are found.

  • Muscles are also involved in the painful process - myositis develops.

    If fatigue, weakness increase, sleep is disturbed and a person’s behavior changes dramatically, this indicates a lesion of the nervous system. Inflammation of the brain and its membranes develops: meningitis and meningoencephalitis. Unlike acute brucellosis, here it has a sluggish course with unexpressed symptoms. A sharp pronounced sweating, redness of the skin, and a decrease in vascular tone indicate a lesion of the autonomic nervous system.

  • Can brucellosis cause diarrhea? - neither acute nor chronic course of the disease is characterized by such a symptom.

    Chronic brucellosis is characterized by disruption of the genitourinary system - men have inflammation of the testicle and its appendages, women often suffer from adnexitis, inflammation of the fallopian tubes and menstrual disorders. Symptoms of chronic brucellosis in humans include inflammation of the lymphatic system with an increase in lymph nodes, spleen. There is a lesion of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands and any organs of clarinex system.

  • But with a pronounced violation of the functions of the liver, sometimes there is a loosening of clarinex pill.

    Why is brucellosis dangerous for humans? - the fact that this disease is unpredictable. It proceeds for a long time, for several weeks the patient is disturbed by various symptoms. But, in addition to the chronic course of the disease, there are other unpleasant moments.

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For pregnant women, brucellosis ends in miscarriage. Chronic brucellosis itself proceeds with constant periods of remission and exacerbation and often ends with disability. How to diagnose brucellosis?

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  • This is a complex process if the person is not at risk for the disease
  • In the correct diagnosis, epidemic data, the association of symptoms and the place of work of a person play a role
  • Where does the diagnosis begin?
To begin with, they collect an anamnesis, find out whether similar outbreaks of brucellosis have previously occurred at the enterprise in which the patient works, or at his place of residence.

Isolation of cell culture from a sick person is an important fundamental diagnostic method. To do this, take blood for brucellosis and other biological fluids. Special media are used for cell culture growth. The difficulty lies in the fact that cultures germinate for a long time - a column of bacteria grows for at least a month.


The method of infection of animals is also of no practical importance due to the long-term growth of the causative agent of brucellosis. What tests to take for brucellosis? Almost any biological fluid is used to determine the presence of bacteria in the blood. But first of all, they take blood, especially for serological research methods, from which RSK, RNGA, Coombs' reaction are prescribed.

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